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Top Reasons Why You Should Invest In Email Marketing

Email marketing is the mass sharing of commercial messages to a group of people through emails. Every email directed towards potential customers comes under email marketing strategies. Today, electronic mails are shared for every purpose such as business requests, advertisements, acquiring new customers, sales promotions, and encourage customer loyalty. Such are intended to build loyalty, brand awareness, and trust among the consumers. Marketing through email is anexcellent tool for the businesses that are searching to attract, expand,engage or grow their customer base. Following a well planned email marketing strategy, you can build a loyal customer base.


What is Email Marketing?

In simple phrases,email marketing can be described as sending mails to a particular group of people to whom the company is delivering the mail. Furthermore, they send mails to different sources from where they can acquire more business. The potential customers are the people to whom the postal mail is sent. If they are prepared to do business with you, they are considered as an asset.Email marketing is considered to be the most productive method of promoting your business or brand. If you use the right strategy at the right time, you are ascertained to generate the best outcomes because it is the most legendry form of promoting a brand. Email marketing target the most potential customers conveniently and helps the companies to expand their contact list.


Importance of Email Marketing

The Internet is the major medium of information exchange around the globe. Electronic mail promotion is an effective way of marketing your brand through different e-mail lists. Another importance of email marketing is that every business can target a specific or multiple groups that would be interested in having a business with you. Marketing for electronic mailsuse several social platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and much more to market your brand.


3 Essential Types of Email Marketing:

  1. Newsletters – These are regularly distributed publications shared with a group of subscribers. Newsletters are sent to the readers who want to receive updates from a specific organization. These are designed to build a relationship with the customer. The objective is to keep the client engaged and connected with the products and services.


  1. Transactional – When you make a reservation or buy a product, a mail is generated to confirm your transaction. Therefore, transactional mails are sent out after a specific action is triggered. Since transactional mails are opened most of the time, these are the most engaging type of emails. Since marketers try to insert new sales pitches into the email, they have a captive guest.


  1. Direct Emails – These are informative mailsto educate the new products, special offers, and sales. Direct E-mail Marketing provides detailed information through catalogs, sales flyers, product links, and couponsto improve the business growth.


Benefits of Email Marketing

It Is Economical:The significance of email marketing is the fact that it is inexpensive. You may include anyplans and strategy within the email marketing for which the price would be negligible. Email marketing gives you the platform of endorsing your brand unlike traditional marketing.


It Is Popular With Digital Marketer: Email marketing is a cost effective and reliable way of branding and business promotion. It delivers the right message to right person and at the right time. This marketing stretegy is good for the digital marketers if targeted the right audience because it makes your customers permanent.


It Is The Main Medium of Carrying Information: Email marketing is a measurable, targeted,and cost-effective marketing tool. With the virtual world spreading rapidly, it has become the  medium to carry information. Therefore, do not underestimate the power of email marketing, since a well-organized campaign can grow your business efficiently. Choose a marketing service that target your audience, engages subscribers, send beautiful, track results, and responsive emails.


It Connects With The Audience: It helps you connect with your targeted audience. Today, sthe marketing efforts of the company are designed to build trust and loyalty. Electronic mail is the bridge that connects who you really are to what you say, thus allowing customers to get to know your brand.


It Boosts Information Retention: If clients read your mails, they are more likely to retain at least 10% of that information. If it is accompanied by an interesting imagery, they will be able to retain at least 60% of that information.


Goodwill: When there is a regular conversation with a wide customer base, the customers will feel that they are being valued and cared for. This helps in making a good impression of the  services. However, this should not be overdone since some customers would be overburdened.


Repeat Business: When the company has become the forefront of the hearts and minds of the customers, updating them time and again is important. Old customers should feel that they can knock at your door anytime.


Why Should You Be Using Email Marketing?

The companies make use of email marketing as their core tactic in their digital strategies. The pace of technological innovation is extraordinary. To match up the speed, using proper strategywill lead to maximization of profit to the organization. The 24/7 customer care serviceshelps to improve and escalate your company.


Investment in Email Marketing

Email marketing is cheaper than social networking marketing or SMS. Being one of the oldest modes of online communication, they have maintained their position as the most effective means of communication among the professionals despite the development of other alternative forms. It is used by most digital marketers since itdelivers a huge return on investment. On an average, institutions are spending 15% of their marketing costs on email. The study in 2017 demonstrates more than three sectors of organizations with individuals or groups dedicated to electronicmailsmarketing rated their ROI as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.



Email marketing services have merged as one of the cheapest, fastest, and most reliable marketing alternatives for both small and large scale businesses. It provides excellent opportunities to reach out customers, thus building and maintaining goodwill of your business.Itupdates them about the recent happenings, deals, schemes, and offers in the company.

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