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Power of Facebook Marketing for Product Lunch

For the past years, companies are becoming wiser in making their products and services available through various means. Social Media has taken the world of online marketing by storm. Facebook Marketing is one of the most productive ways of promoting your business. Online marketers use it as a way to persuade customers. To gain profit, they develop result-oriented marketing strategies. More than 1.5 Billion active users, Facebook is one of the most popular Social Media Network in the world. Sometimes, people focus more on compelling content being integrated on Facebook with their marketing metrics.

Getting Started With Facebook Page

First of all, you need to create a profile page for your business. Without a business page, there is no marketing on Facebook that is going to happen. You can do this by creating a business email account to receive all Facebook updates and notifications for that specific page. Your email address should be the name of your business. Keep your business and personal profile separate. You do not need to divulge your personal life to your customers.

Always upload a profile picture, preferably the business logo, or you as the CEO. It should be crisp, clear, and high-quality to influence audiences to attract audiences. Next is to supply complete business information to them and start inviting customers and clients on your page. It could be a business announcement, objective, mission, or vision. If you have complete details of your business, people will learn more about your business. If they like it, they will follow you. If you have many followers on your Facebook business page, it would be easier for you to provide regular updates on your business.

Top Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks


  1. Pay attention to the image quality being uploaded. Uploading photos for your business are personal discretion. No one can dictate what kind of picture you should upload. However, there is a fine line between a professional image or an amateur image. If you want to encourage people, you should first possess authenticity in everything you do, and this includes the photo being uploaded to your business page. Vague looking pictures can deter customers. You should have a clear and professional looking company logo, and the message should be a single liner.


  1. Explain what your company is all about. You should lay down your mission, vision, philosophy, objective and purpose of its existence. These aspects can help people make quick decisions. Customers can easily understand what your company is advocating, and they will tend to and connect your offerings directly through it. Being a highly interactive social media platform, Facebook gives you more space to expand your offerings, history, and awards.

  1. Use thumbnails when you share links. You can make use of right and left arrows to select a thumbnail image from the page you are sharing links with. For proper interaction, video calling service has been substantiated.
  2. Your content should be relevant, readable, and unique. The rule of thumb here is to post only relevant content that will refer them back to your website. If your content is readable, it can engage a wide range of customers. Keep in mind that the easier, the better. Do not make things complicated. Your content should also be original and unique to increase your genuineness.


  1. Make use of social plug-ins for instant interactivity. Facebook is not only a platform used to post photos and make comments. It also has many features designed to advance your online marketing. If you want instant interactivity, you should consider using social plug-ins. Social plugins are small additions to your site that leverage Facebook’s billion users to increase web traffic to your site. They are Like Button, Like Box Plugin, Recommendation Plugin, Login Button Plugin, Live Stream Plugin, Comments, Plugin, Activity Feed, and Facepile.

  1. Be active regularly. Being active does not mean spamming your friends with business information. You post and share company pictures, messages, corporate announcements and the offerings on a regular basis. This opens the possibility of client interaction and conversation. You can interact, explain, and share opinions about a particular product or service easily.

Why Facebook Advertising Works For Your Business

#1 A low-cost option: Businesses need to balance advertising and to reach their target audience without exhausting their budget. The best about Facebook advertising is being a low-cost option to promote your products. You can even customize your ad campaign to fit your budget. In other words, you’re reaching a wide reach without overspending.

#2 Can reach a wider audience: Using Facebook advertising means that you are reaching a wider and bigger audience. People spend more time in Facebook throughout the day. Therefore your well-positioned advertisement can increase brand awareness to a wider audience compared to other online advertising forms.

#3 Ability to target your audience: By providing options to target your ads to specific demographics, advertising on Facebook makes the process easier. In your ads, you can target a specific marital status, gender, location, or certain interests.

#4 Can make edits conveniently: No matter how perfectionist you are, sometimes you failed to notice your error until the content is live. Luckily, Facebook makes things easier by allowing quick editing. Therefore, issues, typos or incorrect links can be quickly rectified.

#5 Increased traffic to your site: Having strategic ads in place will lead to web traffic when interested users click on the ad. The truth is, people will not visit your site if they do not have an idea of your business or product. If you launch products through Facebook, people will be aware of what they are all about.

#6 Provides tracking for your campaign: Even though Facebook advertisements are relatively inexpensive, be assured that every campaign you made is working for your business. To keep track of your campaign, Facebook provides some metrics. This works by knowing how many times the ads were shown, the cost data, and the amount of clicks received.

Facebook is not just a way to share pictures, socialize with people, and make comments – it is also the best way of promoting your business. If you have not considered Facebook advertising for a product launch, today is the right time to start reaching your target audience.

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