How to Make Money By Freelancing: A Beginner’s Guide

Freelancing is a kind of work done according to a person’s free will. It is not connected to any particular firm or company. The person who does freelancing is called a freelancer. A freelancing job can be done in fields like journalism, writing, music, graphics designing, acting, editing, proofreading, even with fields like teaching, consultations, indexing, copywriting, computer programming, productions, etc. Students, housewives, and other part-time job seekers can look for a satisfying job online and work as a freelancer. There are also people who are currently employed but work as a freelancer to earn some extra bucks.

How To Become A Freelancer And Make Money Online

#1 Choose a Niche or Craft. If you are new to freelancing, there is a possibility to accept whatever project you can get. As you acquire more experience in the freelancing world, you should choose what kind of freelancing job you are committed to doing. View your skills as your assets and valuable resources that are worth paying for. When you specialize in a specific freelancing career, you become an expert in the field. As an expert, you can charge higher for your specialized services. 

#2 Be Clear on Your Services and Offers. One major decision to make in your freelance career before getting started is the dos, and the don’ts. The more specific you are with your services and offers, the better. It allows you to control how people perceive you as a professional, and give the opportunity to build your brand and portfolio.

#3 Define Your Ideal Client. Before looking for clients, you should develop a clear picture of the people you are going to work with. Are you willing to build a website for small business owners? Do you want to work as a content writer for a particular agency? Making a clear distinction between what type of business you are targeting and who you want to work with is essential to pitch your services effectively.

#4 Create a World Class Portfolio. Showcasing your technical skills to have a fantastic portfolio is a smart move. If you want to be seen as a professional freelancer, you’re going to need a website that displays your expertise, relevant experiences, and contact information. The purpose of your portfolio is to inform, educate, and convince clients to choose you.

#5 Start Freelancing Before Quitting Offline Job. If you want to start a freelancing job, you do not need to quit your day job. It is a smart move to establish trust and rapport with clients first before taking freelancing as your sole career. Once proved as a reliable freelancer, they will become steady clients. It is recommended to earn at least 75% of your current day job income before making freelance your full-time career.

# 6 Upgrade Your Skills and Expertise. You should have impressive skills, to begin with, if you want to earn a higher income. Do not become stagnant with your existing skills because some clients have different or many requirements in a single project. You should aim at upgrading your skills and add more to be able to accommodate the requirements of your clients better. You do not need to go back to school for a degree because online technical classes are available worldwide.

#7 Build A Reputation. Aside from collaborating with influencers and creating high-quality content, you can create an online course, write an ebook, or Social Media Page to increase your online presence within your niche. These credibility-enhancers highlight your portfolio and demonstrate your skills and knowledge simultaneously for the clients to see.

#8 Know Your Policies. Asa freelancer, you should set up your mode of payment. You should know where and when you should get paid. Some freelancers require a milestone or deposit before accepting the project. The circumstances would depend on the trust and rapport with your clients. You should also set your policies and stick to it as much as possible.

#9 Set a Value. Determining your price as a freelancer is a significant step. First of all, you should charge to make a comfortable and sustainable living. Many clients do not hesitate to pay higher for a professional that gives an incredible job.

#10 Blog Frequently. Creating a high-quality content that highlights the benefits of your services is the best way to draw attention from clients. The content should position you as an exceptional freelancer within your field.


The Advantages of Freelancing as a Career

Ability to be your boss. With freelancing, no one will question, monitor and manage you. You are completely at liberty to make decisions on when to work, how to plan and what not to do. Whether this is full or part-time, it is easy to take into account personal and family commitments into account.

Ability to choose the nature of the job. You have the freedom to decide what kind of freelancing job to do and how many assignments per day you should accept.

Ability to control one’s environment. Sometimes, the environment in offline jobs can influence your decision of quitting or resigning. This is because some employers are too demanding, or stressful to get along with. As a freelancer, you can lessen or totally eliminate such pressures.

It does not require a Bachelor’s degree. In today’s world, most jobs require one to be a graduate or at least have certifications to be employed. With freelance, you only need some skills, and you are set to go. In fact, you can become a freelancer within a matter of days when you have the passion and psyche to become a freelancer. 

Save expenses. The most important advantage of freelancing is that you get the chance to work from home. This way you can save many expenses. All that you need for freelancing job is a good Wi-Fi connection, a Personal Computer, Smartphone with video calling facilities, a verified email account, and bank account.

Freelancing is somewhat related to the self-initiated work, in which a person or a team take projects from different companies and submit after completion. It can be challenging in the beginning, but with the passage of time, it may lead you to a successful and relaxing life in return.

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