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The 8 Types of Graphic Designs

In today’s world, your customers and potential clients are bombarded with communications: billboard advertising, television, radio, and virtual platforms they subscribed. We all have witnessed the importance of advertising in promotional activities. Through graphic design, you can accelerate your business to success and develop a competitive edge that guarantees results. To make a perfect advertising activity, graphics should be convincing and attractive. Though graphic design often overlaps, each type requires specific techniques and skills. Most designers specialize in one kind, but there are others who focus on many types. Graphic design requires a creative imagination because new ideas will keep drawing the customers back. Since the industry is quickly changing, they should be adaptable throughout their careers.


The Types of Graphics Design For the Job

Brand Identity and Logo Design

A brand represents a relationship between an entity and its consumers. Graphic designers specializing in logos and brand identity propose, envision, and design latest, powerful visual identities for both existing and new brands, products, and services. Along with colors and fonts, logos are center to brand identity, thus requiring a unique arrangement and selection of shapes, colors, and designs that are used to represent the brand everywhere. When updating or creating a brand identity, designers may produce letterhead, business cards, ads, and other types of graphic design featuring brand identity.


Advertising and Marketing Graphic Design

To grab the decision-making process of every target audience, companies depend on successful marketing efforts. Since people find visual and graphics more engaging, designing helps businesses to communicate and promote more effectively. To create assets for marketing strategies, designers work closely with directors, managers, company owners, or marketing professionals. Marketing designers should have excellent problem-solving, time management skills, and communication. In addition to being proficient in various graphic designs, presentation, and layout apps, they should also be familiar with the printing style and online representations. Examples are postcards and flyers, posters, banners and billboards, vehicle wraps, newspaper ads, magazines, social media ads, brochures, infographics, banner and retargeting ads, signage, email marketing templates, menus, banners, images for blogs and websites.


User Interface Graphic Design

The success of most technological innovation depends on the user interface. It delivers the right design, not only to enhance the products available but also makes it acceptable. In web designing, user interface plays a vital role because usability of a website depends on how interface design works in the website. A user interface includes all the things a user interacts with — the keyboard, screen, and mouse, but the difference is that it focuses on the user’s visual experience. Designers of the user interface should be great team players backed with excellent understandings of different principles, responsive design, web development, and graphic design experience and skills. Examples of user interface graphic designs are web page design, game interfaces, theme design, and app design.


Publication Graphic Design

The importance of publications is the fact that it communicates with people through public distribution. In the previous years, they are the most common print medium. However, digital publishing has been recently on the rise. Graphic designers that specialize in publications work with publishers and editors to create layouts with typography and artwork, which includes graphics, illustrations, and photography. Publication designers should possess excellent layout, organizational skills, and communication. Examples of publication graphic design are the newsletters, newspapers, books, directories, magazines, catalogs, and annual reports.


Packaging Graphic Design

Designers should have a dedication and passion for designing to design 3D shapes, including the inside and outside inner and outer part of the packaging. Their task is to create designs that do not only attract the eyes of the consumer but also protects the product in shipping. The process involves initial sketches, computer work, and testing every single design on physical mockups. A deep knowledge of materials and their environmental impact are important aspects of this job.


Motion Graphic Design

Motion graphics are those that move in motion. This includes audio, animation, typography, video, imagery, and other effects used in television, online media, and film. As technology improved and video content became king, the popularity of motion graphic design has skyrocketed in recent years. Motion graphics designer is a new skill for designers. Motion graphics designers started by creating stories and then bring them to life with video, animation, and traditional art. Depending on the industry, coding, 3D modeling, and marketing can be  assets. Examples of motion graphic design are advertisements, trailers, animated logos, presentations, tutorial videos, apps, promotional videos, banners, websites, video games, and GIFs.


Environmental Graphic Design

The environmental graphic design is a combination of multidisciplinary practice that merges architectural, graphics, interior, industrial, and landscape design. Designers collaborate with people to plan and execute their designs. Because of that, designers have experience and education in both architecture and design. Designers should be familiar with the concepts and able to sketch and interpret architectural plans. Examples are signage, museum exhibitions, wall murals, interiors of retail store, public transportation navigation, office branding, and conference spaces.


Website and Mobile Design

As long as designers know the best practices and standards of the medium for which they are designing, they may focus on either of these two areas. The roles and responsibilities of designers is to create the layout, pages, and graphics for websites or apps. Therefore, they work closely with web and app developers to ensure the proper functionality and feasibility of their designs. Furthermore, they help in planning an app’s or site’s structure, navigation, and user experience, thus creating order, continuity, and simplicity on all the screens and pages.

As the market today is filled with products and their advertising techniques, you have to add some elements so that your advertisement will stand out from the crowd. Professional graphic designers have an in-depth understanding of sketching, layouting, and designing. If you do not know how to do graphic designing, all you need to do is to hire a professional to achieve your goals and objectives.

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