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A practical guide to step by step for Blog Commenting{2018}

Blog commenting

Blog Commenting is one of the best way to gain  a back-link from some blog post and also gather some traffic for your website.It is defined as a relationship between blogs,bloggers,and blog readers.It is one of the best way to expose ideas,thoughts,or opinions about what people actually feel for a particular topic or a blog post.Blog commenting helps the blog of your website to attract and make it of the great and easy linkbuilding  methods available to everyone is blog commenting.It is an essential feature of web 2.0 site.

When  people place a comment,at first they search for “Keyword.leave a”.Then fill up the comment section. These are name,E-mail,website,comment and then submit.

Why is blog commenting important?

Blog commenting is important because it is a platform to express where you can share knowledge,thoughts,ideasnd experiences etc through blog commenting. Blog commenting is a way to viral out the blogs. It  builds a relationship between the administrator  and the audiences. The more the conversation,and the better will be your popularity. Moreover, it’s not only about your popularity,but also get a lot of backlinks and traffic through blog commenting.

Benefits of Blog Commenting

Here some benefits of commenting are given below.

  • no barriers to entry (maybe a short visit to pending/moderation folders, but that’s it)
  • get free exposure
  • connect with hyper successful bloggers easily
  • expand brand awareness
  • develop long term friendships with like-minded bloggers
  • express yourself creatively on a bigger stage
  • time effective marketing strategy; spend 10 to 15 minutes per blog to make a seismic impact

 Elements of Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is an important part of the blogging world.Here take a look at three elements of blog commenting that will help you to get started efficiently in your blog commenting:

1. The Value Attached to a Comment

Try to give valuable insights you share in your comment.

2. The Size of a Comment

“Great Post” or “Nice Article” in a comment never work for anyone.The size of a comment does matter in your comment,but it doesn’t mean your comment should be based on huge words or so long.You make sure that your comment is concise and clear.

3. The Purpose of the Comment

You need to know the purpose of your comment.  You make sure that the purpose should be engagement and appreciation.

Pros and Cons of Blog Commenting

It’s quitessential to know about the pros and cons of blog commenting. It will help you to understand the point of view of other side:

Pros of Blog Commenting

  • You will be able to generate more backlinks
  • You will be able to generate more traffic
  • Search Engines will give you more authority
  • You will build relations with the fellow bloggers
  • Your face will get recognition with blog commenting
  • You get a chance to leave your name, URL, and opinion on someone else’s blog
  • You can meet newer audience on someone else’s blog
  • You can use your thoughts and skills to attract the new readers
  • The recipient blogger feels privileged when you comment on their blog
  • It shows that you understood the point and have something to say about it
  • It encourages your ideation process when you get used to of responding to others’ content

Cons of Blog Commenting

  • It could become fishy if your every comment on everyone’s blog is an admiration.
  • If your comment doesn’t sound useful, it appears spam in some cases
  • You can’t properly comment on someone’s article without completely reading it
  • It takes a lot of time to read the content just to comment
  • Commenting itself takes time if you have to comment on two to three blogs every day

The Blog Commenting Strategy

Let me summarize the blog commenting strategy.These will make your comment stand out .

  • adding value to conversional
  • asking a topical question is another way to get noticed
  • criticizing also proved really effective
  • posting an opposite opinion
  • highly emotional comments
  • choosing a funny nickname

A Step-by-Step guide to blog commenting

Here are some steps to get started with blog commenting:

Step #1: Read the blog post before commenting

In order to write a,first you need to read the blog post that you’re commenting on. Without reading the blog post,you won’t know the essence of the you must read out the whole blog post before leaving your comment.

Step #2: Try giving whatever is missing

Once you read the whole blog post before leaving comment on it,you can add up something that is missing in the context of that blog post.It helps you not only in branding yourself but in terms of SEO as well.

Step #3: make things clearer, not fizzy

You make sure your comment is concise and clear.Always try to come up with a simple message and always try to explain your point in simple words

Step #4: Develop a social connection

You should reply on blog post that makes people feel confident and happy with your content. You need to develop a social connection with your readers through you replies andience to guide them through your blog commenting.

Step #5: Leave with a promise

It’s  the strategy of blog commenting that extends your relation with the audience or even with the blog commenter. It means when you’re ending your commenting, you say something that sounds connecting.Your last lines could be for building a bond with the author.Such as “I really enjoyed your blog post and I’m looking forward to reading your next one” “keep posting your thoughts and I’m waiting for your next update”or you can say “I thoroughly enjoyed your piece and I’m definitely coming back soon to taste something new here”…


As you read the blog post, you were in the good position to comment on that. Again I said, don’t ever comment without reading the blog post. Take your time for reading blog post and understand the community around that blof before commenting.

8 Blog Commenting mistakes you need to avoid at all costs

Here are the 8 mistakes to avoid when writing comments on blogs:

1. Over-optimizing with your keyword in the “name” section
2. Not using a full name in your comments
3. Using a fake or inactive email address
4. Using an email address that’s not connected to a Gravatar
5. Leaving comments on non-industry blogs
6. Writing comments that aren’t relevant to the topic
7. Asking questions instead of contributing and vice versa
8. Writing a spammy comment

8 Blog Commenting Best Practice Tips

Here eight best practice tips for blog commenting are given below;

  1. Actually read the post
  2. Aim for minimum 3 sentence
  3. Use a real name as often as possible
  4. Link to internal pages and social profiles
  5. Don’t drop the links in your blog comment
  6. Search for the relevant blogs that your target audience or blogger might be reading
  7. Know who is commenting on what blog
  8. Identify core blogs and comment daily

What  blog commenting does for SEO today

What’s blog commenting  good for SEO today.

1.Creating relationships with people in your industry

2.Attracting attention to yourself and your website

3.Getting leads

Blog commenting in SEO and it’s need

Blog commenting plays an important platform to attract traffic to get visitors on to the blog or website and create a relationship between with the users or readers.

As I have already defined above, Blog commenting is also done for creating backlinks, and to get attract traffic. Let us talk about it more:

  • Backlinks :Creating backlink is one of the most important reason to do blog commenting.When you comment on other’s blog, you are creating a backlink for yourself which is indirectly helping you to gather more
  • Traffic : You make sure the comments should be relevant and then you will get traffic.
  • Build Relationships :Blog Commenting is one of the great way to build relations between with your website users and blog readers. Instead building relationships might take time but once you start leaving comment on blog pos  regularly, you will be noticed that start building relations between with the bloggers and commenters.
  • Brand Recognition :When you are blogging or you are commenting on blog post,you could gather the yourself that is enough to create an impression on the the users.

5 Steps to successful blog commenting SEO

Here 5 steps given below to successful blog commenting for SEO;

  1. Get personal
  2. Get your comments noticed by the right people
  3. Say something worthwhile and relevant
  4. Be conversational
  5. Wait for the right moment to add your links

5 Ways to do better blog commenting that not only helps you with SEO but also with branding yourself.

Here are 5 ways to improve your blog commenting:

  1. Subscribe to your favourite blogs
  2. Besides comenting, share article on social media
  3. Make commenting easy for readers
  4. Fighting the spam
  5. Reward the commenters

Above blog commenting is an action which is taken by the blog viewers,visitors, or blog readers.It is a very essential practice around the blog journey. Without proper strategies, blog commenting will not be benefitted. It gives you a boost in your seo campaign and also leads to creating relationships with the audience.Try to write natural comments on blog post,your blog comments should not be spammy. Blog commenting is a great way to get backlinks,traffic and grow your network communities.

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