Excellent Tips for Social Media Marketing With Twitter

From small businessmen to big-time entrepreneurs, everyone has to undergo their fair share of struggle to establish a strong presence on Twitter. While there are no set of rules that guarantee to give you the perfect twitter marketing strategy, you can still follow the basics and get surprising results. If you want to get more tweets, don’t fall for the trap of fast twitter marketing strategies that claim to give amazing results overnight. First thing first, you should remember that Twitter marketing or popularizing yourself on twitter is all about consistent efforts that are spread over a period. Therefore, expecting instant results is wrong.

How Does Twitter Works?

You can share text-based information with people worldwide limiting only to 140 characters. You can post videos or pictures along with your promotional content to advertise your products and services. Interacting with the customers and obtain a feedback from them of your products and services is easy through Twitter tweets.

#1 Don’t overdo the hashtags

If you want to use hashtags to popularize your post, there is no harm. However, you need to understand the difference between using it and overusing it. Yes! Don’t crowd your posts with hashtags, or else people will ignore you. The simple trick is to limit yourself to a maximum of one or two hashtags, and your job will be done.

#2 Avoid lengthy posts

The simplest way to get more retweets is to steer clear from making lengthy posts. Even when you have a point to prove; keep it short and simple conveying only the essence of the matter instead of the entire story. This will help you generate higher levels of engagement for your posts.

#3 Active response mechanism

Most people think auto scheduling the tweets finishes the job. However, if you are serious about promoting your campaign through Twitter, you have to stick around for longer time intervals. Auto scheduling will only ensure that your posts go out at regular intervals. But, you need to be there when the response is generated. Yes! When people start reply or retweeting, you have to be courteous enough to appreciate the gesture and give them the answers that they are looking for.

#4 Participate in chats

Don’t think Twitter chats are about whiling away precious time. In fact, these chats are an excellent platform to interact with like-minded people and promote your brand. Start with active participation in on-going twitter chats. However, be careful to raise sensible points and avoid engaging in senseless conversation as this could demean your impression. Once you get accustomed to the concept, take the reins in your hands and start your own Twitter chat.

#5 Always test headlines

Mastering the art of writing high-quality content on Twitter is important because headlines are the cornerstone. Attractive headlines can easily go viral because people retweet what they love to read and share.

#6 Optimize your Twitter bio

Make sure that your voice and corporate identity are identified and marked. In short, having a biography that informs people who they are actually communicating with would give the impression of authenticity and transparency. When you optimize your account, share the link of your landing page or company website. Make sure that you have consistent tone, so that people will have no doubts.

#7 Increase performance

The latest content grows older in the channel at the end of the day. If you have an important Tweet to show to the world, then “pin” such tweet. Subscribers tend to browse your feed to see check all your updates. Once you pin a tweet, it keeps at the top of the stream, resulting in more traffic.

#8 Increase followers

When it comes to branding, Twitter is a reliable tool. Unfortunately, you can’t make much progress if you only have a few followers. Getting more followers is the dream of every entrepreneur. The more followers you have, the more recognized and popular you will be. This increases brand promotions and make it viral online.

Below are 5 tips to get hundreds of followers daily

Follow people and they will more likely to follow you
When looking for these people, use #hastags
Do not follow too many users in one day since you can be banned for this
Follow people who follow you and do not forget to put a hashtag in your bio
Try #shoutout to thank these new friends or send a direct message

Importance of Twitter Marketing for Your Brand

#1 Real-time communications with followers: If you have a website, you will not be able to communicate with your followers because it works differently. With your Twitter account, you can respond immediately to the feedback of your followers. This is helpful in clearing the air in case some misunderstandings might come along. Also, real-time communication helps you to build rapport with your followers.

#2 Educate your customers: With Twitter, you can sell products and services at the same time educate your customers about what you are offering. If you sell a lotion with SPF, for example, you can educate them on the importance of wearing SPF lotion to prevent harmful UV rays exposure. Having the initiative of educating and informing your customers will have the impression that you are not only interested in doing business and earn profits, but also to help people.

#3 A useful networking tool: When it comes to networking, Twitter has the potential of reaching and attracting millions of people. Being a famous Social Media platform, it allows you to interact with investors and professionals who can help your business. In certain instances, you will meet and greet business people who want to do a partnership or corporation with you, thus leading your business to step to another level.

#4 Increases reputation and credibility: You will gain more trust and confidence if you have a Twitter account compared to focusing and maintaining only on a single website. The reason is communication. Site and Social Media Platforms works differently. There is no real-time interaction with wesbite, so people cannot easily contact you if they have problems or inquiries. When people trust you, they are able, ready, and willing to buy anything from you, thus increasing your sales.

#5 Increase brand awareness: The best about social media marketing with Twitter is the visibility to many people. If you are new to the business industry, only a few people know about the products and services you are offering. But if you resort to the Twitter account, the process is quicker because there are millions of potential customers. All you need to do is to create a company Twitter account and use it wisely.

Technology rules the world and draws the attention of millions of users worldwide. An effective Twitter presence is crucial for entrepreneur and marketers to showcase their products and services to the masses. Your success on Twitter Marketing is based on what you do to catch the interest, attention, and hearts of the Twitter users.

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