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Facebook group Marketing 101 – Step by step Group marketing Technique

A Facebook group is a page that any Facebook user can created for an organization or business to promote activities, express objectives,discuss issues, post photos and share related content. Users create that others can join, allowing group members to interact based on a common interest, affiliation or association. It is a place for small group communication and for people to share their common interests and express their opinion and thoughts. Facebook groups are the natural tools that help forge those new kinds of connections. More than one billion people already belong to Facebook groups.

How to create a Facebook group

To create a group:

Open the create a group window: Click this sign or more icon(…)in the top right of Facebook and select Create Group.

Choose a name for your group: You must choose a name for your group that’s easily recognizable as connected to your business and conveys what group members will get from the group.

Invite some members: Invite some members from your Facebook friend list and let them know you’re creating a group you’d love them to be a part of your group you can choose to personalize your invitation with a note. This is a good way to let people know why you are inviting them to the group and how they can expect to benefit from participating your Facebook group. Add your note which will go out to all invitees.

Select the privacy level for your group: Facebook group have three privacy options. These are public, closed, or secret.

  • Public group: A public group is fully visible to everyone and anyone can join without being approved. This type of group does not offer the sense of privacy and security. So it is the easiest group type for Facebook group users to join, can therefore grow quickly.
  • Closed group:A closed group is only visible for group members.This type of group does not offer complete privacy but members can feel comfortable knowing that the activities they share are visible only to members of the group.All new membership requests must be approved by an administrator of the group.
  • Secret group:A secret group is the same type of group as closed group.This type of group does not show up in Facebook searches.The only way to find group and join a secret group is to be If you want to share lots of public discussion,you might be select a invited by an administrator of the group.

public group;If you want to promote your business with an area of life,you might be select closed group so that people feel comfortable sharing activities that might not want to be publicly visible.If you want to secret your group then you might be select a secret group.

Once you have choose your privacy level then click(create).

Personalize your group:Your Facebook group is now running but you”ll need to do some customizing to make your group an appealing for potential group members and to give it some credibility.Here’s some statics to personalize your group;

  • Add a cover photo:Choose a unique image for your specific group business that highlights your group.And you’re make sure using the recommended image size dimensions.
  • Add some description:Create a description of what is all about your group which is publicly visible for public and closed group.
  • Add some tags:Add some tags keywords that will help your group appear in search.
  • Add locations:If you want to add locations then select your area so that so that you can easily find your group area.

Start posting: Now its time to start posting of your own and encourage your members,employees and friends to post as well.You make sure provide additional information that you don’t want to include in the public description.

Facebook group statics for business:Facebook groups are a powerful platform for business.Here are a few Facebook groups statics,such as;

  • Benefiting customers:Facebook groups can be offered as a benefit of being a member of a business.Facebook groups as a bonous for your business that will set you apart from your competitors.
  • Gathering members:Facebook groups can be used to create relationships,engagement and partnerships via members of your group or organization, Members can share thought,strategies,activities,post questions,ask for resources with each other.

There is a few more Facebook group strategies,such as;

  • Establishing yourself as an expert
  • Share your blog post
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Grow your subscriber or E-mail list
  • Launch new products or programs
  • Host training
  • Find partners
  • Sell your products

Posting regular welcome massages is a easy way to engage and new members involved in your own group.These strategies are growing your Facebook group quickly.These are all strategies I’ve used and still use,so I knew they work!

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