Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing – A User Friendly Platform for Global Connectivity

Social media marketing is a digital form of marketing that includes creation and sharing of content on different social media platforms. This is done with the aim of achieving branding goals, increasing business’s sales, traffic, and visibility at a minimum cost. Social media platforms can very well connect to the millions of the users within a specific location, various relations, and the interests online, thereby and this creates an interactive community online universally.

Getting Started with Social Media Marketing 

You can start with social media marketing by creating an account on these Social Media platforms. It is as simple as tweeting over Twitter or publishing posts on Facebook. Linking the company profile with the company page is the best way to start. Ac you can see, the social media marketing today is done by posting links to articles, blogs, and sites on the twitter profile or over the Facebook page. Social media provides a valuable feedback to enhance the existing line of products and customer feedback.

Top Benefits of Online Social Media Marketing 

#1 Low-Cost Marketing

Being an internet marketer, you should be familiar with the anxiety of making a risky investment. There is a series of questions in your mind: “Will it work out?” “Will I get any returns?” With social media marketing, you will be able to clear your head because creating a social media account for your business is free. In fact, this is the reason why business people join social networking sites.

#2 It Improves Communication

One of the biggest advantages of social media marketing is the communication made between you and your customers. When you are in direct connection, it gives you an insight of personal preferences, purchasing behaviors, and opinions. Creating a group in Social Media specifically for the employees is a great way to boost their spirits and a sense of companionship. Employees can discuss business matters which results in a positive working environment.

#3 It Is the Place of Giving Deals

Social Media Marketing is effective since it grants an access to both your existing buyers and potential ones. Fr your current customers, you can offer deals and discounts, showcase your brand, arrange promotional offers, and promote your brand by means of a conversational platform.

#4 Great for Search Engine Optimization

It is a known fact that all businesses want to reach a higher position in search engine rankings. To do this, one should make use of Social Media. Google can estimate your social networking site activities and rank your website according to the result. Search engine optimization works the same way with link building ability.

#5 It Enhances Website Traffic 

To drive traffic to the website, sharing content through social media channels is the best way. When there is high-quality blog relevant to your industry is being posted, you will gain attention and interest from the consumers. You can make use of videos and pictures to promote your content as needed. You need to get customers to visit your site and give them something once they arrive. 

#6 It Brings Brand visibility 

Reputation is the goal of brand visibility. Social media can break or make your brand image. It helps you with the ways you present a good image in front of the consumers. To do this, you need reliable, helpful, consistent and relevant. Apart from that, it will maintain visibility of your business in news feeds regularly.


Dos and Don’ts to Remember When Maintaining a Social Media Marketing


Have a complete and active profile: A comprehensive and active profile garners maximum engagement. Seeing that your profile is reliable, it provides all the information for followers who are interested in engaging with your company. Partially completed profiles with less information are non-credible and will be blocked easily. Take your time filling out your profile with all relevant information, and furnish the banner, logo, slogans and other features that will increase brand’s credibility.

Understand your audiences: Aside from giving importance of posting relevant information about your company, it is equally important to understand your target audience. Asking questions regarding the age group, what do they do for a living, and what interests these people to buy your product and service will help structure your strategies. Such strategies help you engage with them more beneficially.

Post regularly: You loose followers if you post too frequently. In this era, content is the king, unless you are lending your voice to the forums and discussion. If you do not post anything, your social media page will become stagnant. Posting information relevant to your business will keep your followers engaged. Posting stays on the top of the heart and mind of your consumers, but do not keep it too extreme that their feeds will be flooded with updates and become too annoying.



Do not use every social media platform: There is a large number of existing social media platforms with new ones created every single day. Do not try to engage with customers on all the platforms. The content that appears on Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and Vine are different. Creating different content for every single platform is not easy, and sometimes maybe overly contrived. When you frame a strategy with social media marketing, choose a few sites that would be suitable for promoting your content.

Try not to focus on your business all the time: While promotion is the priority of a social media marketing strategy, it should not be the only method to engage the customers. Companies that maintain an informative and socially responsible page are mostly followed and liked. Other than your products and services, make sure you have something interesting to say. Avoid controversial topics that divide and compete with people. 

Do not ignore questions and suggestions: Engagement on social media is a means to connect with your customers in a conversation. The conversation on your page should not be a one-sided street. You should respond to the queries made by the customers, and accept suggestions and feedback from them to ensure that they feel heard.

Some people think it is a simple task where you have to post information about your company services on the Facebook page or twitter. However, it is a difficult task. This marketing strategy is basically used to enhance the branding activity of your company. Before posting any content, you must know exactly what will be its effect on your company. Therefore, it becomes necessary to take assistance from a professional internet marketing firm.

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