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Top 30 Social bookmarking sites to increase your traffic

Hello everyone, today in this post  I am going to talk about a strategy using which you can market your web page, services, articles and much more with zero investment and maximum profit. The strategy is “Social Bookmarking”. But before that you need to understand that what is all social bookmarking and how it can affect your work and which social bookmarking sites are actually work..

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking is a marketplace of websites where you can post or share your webpage, articles, images and videos. It is a system for bookmark. On social bookmarking sites ,people can easily see and search for the services that you offer.  So, when you share or bookmark your webpage to any social networking site then this process is referred to be as social bookmarking.It is the most familiar site then ever.

As it is a well-known platform of marketplace  that people remain so active on social networking sites.Such as Facebook, twitter, Pinterest but other than these there are so many sites you are not aware of but those sites have huge audience. Social bookmarking sites are being used as  an intelligent search engines.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking

There are large number of  benefits of using social bookmarking.Benefits of social bookmarking are given below;

  • Social bookmarking allows you to specially target what you want to see.
  • Social bookmarking sites display recently added list and most popular links,so that  you can both keep up with what’s current and relevent information.
  • You can easily go to social bookmarking sites.From a social bokmarking site, you canchoose the category or tag that matches your business or interest,and find the most popular websites.
  • Being listed on the social bookmarking site, can drive quality audience on your site.
  • Social bookmarking sites can provide you organic traffic on your bookmarked site.

So there are so many benefits of the social bookmarking sites.

Social bookmarking sites

Here top 30 social bookmaking sites are listed below that actually works;



Now I am going to provide you top 10 social bookmarking sites which can provide you organic traffic on your bookmarked site.

Top 10 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites


  • Domain Authority Score  : 98
  • Page Authority                 : 95
  • Listing                               : Free

Digg is one of the top social bookmarking site. On this site,you can easily bookmark your webpage. The social bookmarking site was re-launched  in 2012. Digg is well-known to provide most relevant as well as compelling content to millions of the users. In,at first you are bookmarking your webpage. Then here you can get the opportunity to drive millions of users on your website. You just need to register for bookmark your site and then select the correct option for bookmarking your web  page.


  • Domain Authority           : 97
  • Page Authority                : 95
  • Listing                              : Free

StumbleUpon is one of most well-known social bookmarking marketplace. It is used by the thousands of people all over the global  world. In StumbleUpon, you can bookmark your site, post articles,share thoughts, videos, photos and more. It will help you to get more traffic on your webpage.

To create a bookmark on StumbleUpon is quite easy process . For stumbling,you just need to sign in with your Gmail or Facebook id for your site and  get start stumbling.

3. Delicious

  • Domain Authority           : 96
  • Page Authority                : 95
  • Listing                               : Free

Dilicious is one of the most easiest process for bookmarking.Anyone can easily enlist their webpage,post articles,share thoughts,videos,photos and more.It will help you to get the maximum traffic as appearing on the bookmarking site. This site is an open platform of marketplace to bookmark your site and get the maximum traffic.


  • Domain Authority            : 75
  • Page Authority                 : 78
  • Listing                               : Free

Folkd is a social site. It is consisting of popular links, social search and social bookmarking. By using this site, you can easily reach out to the quality people and get the maximum traffic on your web page. You can also search for the popular links, videos,articles,photos and much more.


  • Domain Authority            : 98
  • Page Authority                 : 95
  • Listing                               : Free

Reddit is a marketplace. It is one of the top Social sites. On this site,you can create a community nearly on any topic and can share content including the stories, links articles,thoughts,videos,images and much more. By creating this web page, you can easily enlist  your webpage. You will get to know about the latest links,articles,posts images ,videos and much more.


  • Domain Authority            : 63
  • Page Authority                 : 69
  • Listing                               : Free

Bizsugar is one of the most largest marketplace to distribute content.Sharing content or articles on Bizsugar,it  gives you the reputation as a thought leader . By using this web page, it will provide your content huge visibility among the likewise audience.


  • Domain Authority            : 94
  • Page Authority                 : 95
  • Listing                               : Free

Slashdot contains  a platform of marketplace. It can provide like a media that you share links, articles, videos,images,posts and much more. It consists of the huge number of quality audience. You just need to register yourself .And then you can share your webpage,links,videos,photos,articles,or anything else that you want to do and then see the change.


  • Domain Authority            : 85
  • Page Authority                 : 88
  • Listing                               : Free

Most of you all need to know about It helps to build the online presence by publishing the great content. You can easily share your content and publish it and also then share on social media channels by using this site .It also consists of the huge number of quality audience.


  • Domain Authority            : 75
  • Page Authority                 : 79
  • Listing                               : Free

Fark is one of the most well-known social networking news website.Each day ,this site receive thousands of submissions and few of them get published for its great quality audience. So it is one of the best platform of marketplace to showcase your services, thoughts through content or web page. So get ready to give your webpage a good quality and heights with Fark.

10. Newsvine

  • Domain Authority            : 89
  • Page Authority                 : 90
  • Listing                                : Free

Newsvine was launched in 2006, with the huge number of quality  to provide the best for its audiences. For  newsvine web page,at first you just need to register yourself for free. Then you can become one of the community audience and then publish articles,share post, thoughts,images,videos ,share other interesting links and much more.

So if you are going to do the marketing of your community or services then  start doing social bookmarks on the sites that are listed above and see the change after few days.

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